Minggu, 09 Oktober 2011

my boyfriend


and now i want to tell you about my love story hahahahaha maybe you just laugh when you read this HAHA

okay first time i want tell you his name is 'HELLMY FACHRIAL FAHMY'
he is a drummer , he is a fisherman , and he is a skate palayer haha
you know he so like a doll , if you know me you already know if i NEVER LIKE A DOLL ! just when i with him i have a  bear its so funny all my friends just laugh when they know i have a doll HAHAHAHAH
and when i meet with him it just i want smile everytime he can chage my tears to be SMILE , are you believe ? and maybe letter just he can make me so HURTS ,i hope it cant! so i pray to god i can with him after me dead and i pray i want die before him ;") and if i with him it like he is my brother or my friend it means he can be everything for me hehe and maybe if him read this posting i just want say "I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MEN DONT LEAVE ME AND DONT HURT ME PLEASE!! AND BE MY BOYF UNTILL ME DIE "

yaaaaaaah im sorry kalo ini lebay tapi ini kenyataan loh hahaha
sekian dan terima kasih salam sejahtra untuk kita semua ,wassaalaaaam :)

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