Rabu, 21 September 2011

new school , new friends , new personality

hey guys i want to tell you about my new school SMA NEGERI 1 MAKASSAR or we called "SMANSA" hmm thats one of many school in makassar that school is populer no just the student are SMART!! but the student is REACH! so i have a diffrent personality with my new friends in SMANSA ,they more elite but you know me just hate like that , i just wanna be a ordinary people not like very reach in front my friends and me is not reach too but i can get what i want . but in smansa i get more friends same personality with me but you know just a litlle girl same personality with me ,so i get more boys friend ,if you already read my blog posting of course you know my personality i just like have a boy friend not girlfriend but my best frind is girl!! i love teacher of smansa they just like have a funny story when we learning hahahahaha i love that teacher!! but have a two or three a KILLER TEACHER! thats make me boring in school they just want study study and study! i so bored! and about the senior yeah this school populer with "SENIORITY" but i like if like that so the junior cant do anything wrong , in SMANSA i join in SMART (SMANSA ART) FORZZA (PHOTOGRAFER SMANSA ) ANS SECC (SMANSA ENGLISH CONVERSATION CLUB ) thats a good for me becouse i love dance and photograph and i like english conversation.maybe just that i cant tell you about my new school if you want know you can come in smansa haha thx guys keep read my posting..